PoliLam’s Philosophy

Decorative laminate is regarded as the most environmentally-friendly countertop surface. And today's design technology enables us to reproduce the beauty that nature offers without physically removing it from the Earth. 

Using this technology, we can replicate the color and design of Earth's most precious trees, stones, and natural marvels. Our press plates can mimic the texture of woodgrains and marbles and bring the most authentic and natural look and feel to our laminate. 

Most trees will outlive humans. So, instead of chopping down our magnificent oaks to make furniture pieces for our homes, let's preserve nature's beauty while still enjoying it. Humans have created the technology that enables us to do this, and PoliLam is using it. We care about protecting our Earth.

That's why our environmentally-friendly decorative laminate is a win-win; we extract without destroying and enjoy without depleting. 

All PoliLam decorative laminates are Green Guard, Green Guard Gold, and Singapore Green Label certified.



PoliLam sets up its interior design studio under Benson Builders, a residential development company established in 1996 in South Texas. PoliLam is created to function as an in-house design department, focusing on the sourcing and design of building materials for Benson Builders.

Benson Builders closes and reopens under the name Robinhood Apartments Ltd., focusing on residential development, especially large-scale apartment complexes, condos, and buildings. PoliLam continues its function as the interior design and design materials department for Robinhood Apartments Ltd, focusing on HPL, TFL, and veneer surface solutions.  

PoliLam starts its own HPL line, working with manufacturers to create specialized designs. This same year PoliLam also becomes its own company, opening an office on South Padre Island and sourcing building materials for projects throughout the South Texas region. The humidity and moisture in South Texas make HPL the perfect surface solution for the surrounding climate and atmosphere.  

PoliLam begins a partnership with an OEM manufacturing company to produce its entire HPL line, and it opens a boutique office in Austin, Texas.  

2017 & 2018
PoliLam travels to Europe to work with design studios, purchasing exclusive designs and raw materials to scan, thus enhancing the exclusivity of PoliLam's HPL designs. 

PoliLam establishes a satellite office near Shanghai, expanding sales in China and Southeast Asia. In December PoliLam makes its official debut at Guangzhou Design Week and launches its collection into the Asian market.

PoliLam expands its sales channel throughout Asia and exhibits at Shanghai Hospitality Convention and Guangzhou Design Week for the second year in a row.  

PoliLam expands to Australia.

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